Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Visiting a Long Time Friend

Tuesday Slice of Life Challenge ...
I am excited to explore my newest passion, writing,
with slicers from Two Writing Teachers.

Today I visited an old friend.  A friend that I have known since I can remember. I think of her throughout the year, but only see her during summer vacations or an occasional school vacation.  As I exited the car, I anticipated her familiarity. I could hear her calling. I inhaled her distinct scent, felt her warm embrace, and when I saw her rush towards me it felt just like old times, as if no time had gone by. 

One of my closest friends will always be the ocean; her roaring waves, her salty smell, and her soft sand transfers me to a place of tranquility.  Sitting in my beach chair, I just took her all in.  It had been too long.  This was a first visit of 2013. 

When I need to escape, relax, unwind or even be rejuvenated, the beach is my savior. Today having three kids in tow didn't even disrupt the positive effects the ocean has on me.  At the ocean, I allow myself to "be", be in the moment.  I linger along the coast, to take in the sights, sounds, smells and feelings.  I am in no rush to leave my friend of many years.  I want to embrace every second until we see each other again.

Now, there is one thing that really irritates me when I am trying to visit my friend. It's people. I realize that my friend is very popular and loved by many, but why must others who visit her sit so close to the spot I strategically place my belongings to have a pleasant visit?  I take my time to find the perfect place to be with her. I  allow space between others to avoid sand on my blanket, obstructions to the water, and people smoking cigarettes.  Today, others seemed to think my little plot of sand was prime real estate.  I did not let them interfere with my visit.  I went for a stroll to beach comb; collecting rocks and crab legs.  Along the way I found another spot to set up camp and visit for the remainder of the day.  The ocean is an amazing friend who embraces and accommodates all who visit and tries to meet the needs of all. 

94 degrees, hazy and breezy.  Water...great temp and big waves to body surf.

A fabulous day to visit a friend.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Writer's Notebook

Here it is, my newly purchased writer's notebook for the summer of 2013.  It is day one of Kate Messner's Teacher's Write.  It is an on-line virtual summer writing camp of mini-lessons, inspiration and guidance that Kate along with Jo Knowles, Gae Polisner and Jen Vincent guide us who want to improve on our writing and craft. 

I had very few journals to choose from at the local bookstore, but I needed to purchase one to keep at pace with my summer goal, and day one's assignment.  I couldn't fall behind on day one.  As I look more closely at the cover; the key, heart, flowers and the word "dream" in the lower with hand corner, it symbolizes my goals as a writer. I want to unlock my heart and write what is inside of me.  I want my writing to bloom and transform like a flower,  and I dream of the possibilities that await me.  As I take on the task of daily writing I will focus on myself and think of my students and the challenges I ask them to tackle everyday.  I am eager to learn, reflect and grow in my daily writing.