Sunday, March 2, 2014

Needed: Cat Whisperer

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I have heard of a horse whisperer, a dog whisperer and even a book whisperer. I am in need of a cat whisper. I desperately need one. I have two cats who do not get along and cause a ruckus in our home. I am at my whits end.  Please advise if you have words of wisdom in how we can work with our cats. They are continuously...

  • Scratching doors to go outside
  • Scratching doors to get indoors
  • Ripping screens (We can not open windows for fresh air because of bugs)
  • Pouncing on us while sleeping
  • Fighting with each other
  • Cuddling and then turning on us and scratching
  • Grabbing and biting our legs as we go up or downstairs
  • Jumping on kitchen counters
and the list goes on...but I really want it to STOP!

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  1. Whoa. I have two cats who are also causing some problems around the house, but my list isn't quite as long as yours. I've been trying different things to try to stop the fighting because that's the one that worries me the most on my list. They go at each other so viciously, it really scares me. From the reading I've done, the most common suggestions revolve around giving them more of my time and more exercise, more to do around the house. When I'm vigilant about making very specific time to play with them with the toys that make them run and jump, I do find that they fight less, but they fighting hasn't gone away entirely.

    The grabbing and biting is only one of my cats (but that's enough!), and has only happened twice (and that's enough, too!), but I haven't gotten any good advice on that front.

    Good luck and I hope you find some solutions soon!