Monday, March 3, 2014

The Epidemic

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      Something's in the air. And it's not good.  I had two students go home today with the stomach bug.  Not too unusual because we know how quickly germs can spread especially in a classroom or school.  One of us at our household has been hit and the dreadful waiting and wondering if the rest of us will.  I am hearing from colleagues that their classrooms have had low numbers because of various illnesses going around. I guess we have to chalk it up to "it's that time of year".         
      What I do find more puzzling is the concussion epidemic, so it seems.  I had a student out for a couple weeks during football  season (4 of his teammates also received concussions) and in the last week I have had two diagnosed with concussions.  One hit his head during basketball, the other while sledding.  I don't remember hearing about concussions when I was growing up playing sports or participating in active games.  Why? Are sports that much more competitive and hard core or were we unaware or ignore signs of a concussion.  No matter the reason, we need to take this injury seriously.  We can't rush our kids back to school and especially not to sports.  Their brains are precious gifts that need tender loving care so they can use them to think, wonder and be the future of our world.

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